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For the Love of Sweet Trays

I love sweet trays. I love taking the orders and talking to the customers. I love helping people decide what items they'd like and how many. I love hearing the anticipation for those favourite sweet treats and then baking them. I love how each tray is as unique as the people and occassion at which it will be enjoyed. I love arranging each piece on the tray and selecting a ribbon and the heart filled oven mit seal that says these trays and treats were made with love. I love envisioning the people and the occasion. I love delivering the trays. I love knowing that whatever the occassion - a celebration, wedding or shower, a special gift delivery, a family get together, a school or sports group, an office group, a holiday party, a small group or several hundred people gathering together - these sweet trays add that extra special touch for guests, they can see and taste the quality and the love that went into the desserts being served. It's a simple and worry free option for hosts and organizers because when you order sweet trays from Shana's Baked Goods we put all the same care, love and attention to detail that you would if you prepared it all yourself, and deliver it right to your venue or home - fresh, beautiful, delicious and ready to serve. What's not to love about sweet trays from Shana's Baked Goods?

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