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Thankful to bake for fun & family

So often entrepreneurs and small business owners get so busy producing and creating their products, providing their services and working under pressure to meet deadlines that what was once an enjoyable and pleasurable art form or process of creation becomes more like work or routine. Somehow we need to carve some fragments of time out of the schedule to play and experiment and do what we once did just for fun, as a source of joy not just to fill the order. It’s hard- I know believe me!!! Yesterday I came home from a morning at the Farmer’s Market and dropping off orders, having now to unpack and clean equipment, take care of some paperwork, hike my 2 dogs, figure out what to do about my car which was acting up.... and make dessert for our family dinner today. I was tired and uninspired. But I put on some tunes, fished out a recipe for a Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie that I’d tucked away after my mom saw it awhile ago and had said wow did that look good. And I had fun. I took my time and puttered and tasted and didn’t stress when the sauce didn’t come together right away and maybe I’d have to re-do as this was the 1st time thru on this recipe and what if I ran out of time?! It was just fun and knowing my mom and son were going to love it. It was a re-set about putting the love into baking and remembering the joy of creating sharing with loved ones. So remember to try and find joy in the things you do even when it’s also work !!

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