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Baked Goods




Everything at Shana's Baked Goods is fresh, high quality and made from scratch in small batches...and with a little dose of love (the heart in the oven mitt logo is no coincidence!) Shana believes these scrumptiously delicious offerings have the power to take any occasion, whether a celebration gathering or or a quiet indulgent moment, to the next level.


Placing an Order

At Shana’s Baked Goods everything is made to order for you! That means we may need a little bit of notice to prepare your order. Lead times vary, but our average guidelines are as follows: 

  • Cookies, squares, tarts, cupcakes, etc.:  2-3  days

  • Celebration Cake Orders: 4-5 days

  • Sweet Tray Orders: 1 week

  • Large Gathering / Party Orders: 2 weeks or more


Please always feel free to contact us as there may be a possibility we can serve you in a shorter turnaround time. 


Wow! That pretty much sums it up! Having worked with Shana in the past I was privileged to taste many treats that Shana brought in over the years! Absolutely delicious! She made me my all time favourite birthday cake and I've also ordered trays of goodies for the holidays! Definitely worth the drive!

—  Tracy Dalessio